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Warning after 20per cent increase in on line & phone frauds

Warning after 20per cent increase in on line & phone frauds

Today views the launch of a significant brand new awareness campaign highlighting the hazards of ‘social engineering’ – deception utilized to control individuals into a situation where they could be defrauded.

The caution will come in the wake of figures released because of the nationwide Fraud Intelligence Bureau showing a 21% boost in reported incidents in one year.

The campaign has been run by Get Safe on line together with Barclays, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, City of London Police (COLP), CIFAS and Financial Fraud Action UK (FFAUK). Featuring television advertising for the time that is first Get Safe Online’s 10-year history, it urges individuals to ‘think twice before they act’ to avoid more dropping target to social engineering frauds, that may simply take a number of guises such as for instance fake e-mails, telephone calls, texts or articles. It usually involves piecing together information from different sources such as for example social networking and correspondence that is intercepted appear convincing and trustworthy. The nature that is often complex of assaults means they are very difficult to identify before it really is far too late.

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