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Is Uber the brand new hook-up software?

Is Uber the brand new hook-up software?

Move over, Tinder – our taxi solution simply got really interesting, as GLAMOUR’s Intercourse Editor, Gemma Askham, finds down…

Sex Editor and composer of other articles she will actually show her grand-parents. Considers no heat too hot for leather-based pants.

Halfway between the house and where I’d been acquired, the Uber motorist saw me personally fanning my face and joked, “If you’re hot, i could just take you someplace and cool you down?” We laughed it well, and he didn’t mention it once again. But I happened to be instantly acutely conscious of the possibility that is sexual the pinnacle of this stranger sitting in the front of me personally.

However with Uber automobiles estimated to be nearly 1.5 times cheaper per mile, available nowadays in 15 British urban centers, and hailed with a smartphone software with exactly the same immediacy that people have take-out meals and flings, for a few people, the boundaries of y our bookings are expanding. Bing ‘Uber hook-up’ and there’s forum after forum of motorists and cyclists planning to navigate one thing more intimate than rush hour.

The secret-sharing site and application, males confess: “Hoping that driving for Uber are certain to get me laid,” and, “I drive for Uber to cheat on my wife with no concerns asked about my whereabouts. on whisper.sh” Whenever a person on a Q&A web web site asks simple tips to flirt with a passenger, the top-rated reaction is alarmingly detailed: “Compliment on looks and locks and clothing. Possibly a line like, ‘Wow, you appear hot today. Think about we hightail it together?’” While PornHub has over 700 erotic videos dedicated to your situation of resting with an Uber motorist.(Move over, plumber and pizza kid.)

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